28 February 2017

Riding an electric bike in London

Riding on an electric bike through Trafalgar Square, London

Some things that e-bikes really make easier

Ten or fifteen years ago it was pretty much just commuters on road bikes and couriers on fixies who felt brave enough to ride London’s roads. Why? Because they had the speed to compete for space. Things are better now because of new infrastructure and the growing numbers of bikes have forced drivers to adapt and drive more considerately. But there are still plenty of situations where having some extra speed from riding an electric bike in London helps…

At the lights

Advanced stops for bikes are there to put cyclists in front where it’s safer. The motor makes an e-bike really quick from a standing start so you can stay in front right the way through the junction and beyond – you get to ride on clear road, between the motorbikes and the rest of the traffic.

On hills

It’s obvious that hills are easier with assistance, but that’s true for both getting going as well as for cruising uphill at a speed closer to the rest of the traffic – both of which are safer on an electric bike. And it doesn’t take anything very steep to bring the average cyclist’s speed down to a crawl.

Signalling at low speeds

Sticking out an arm can be hard when you’re going so slowly you’re unsteady or need to hold on with both hands to get moving.

Pulling out at junctions

You don’t have to wait for an outsized gap in traffic to make your move.

Take a look at the video to see what it’s actually like on an electric bike.

The overall effect: more confidence

Those speedy riders who braved traffic before cycling became mainstream in London did so because their extra speed gave them the confidence they needed. Now cycling is easier, but still it helps to have the extra confidence that riding an electric bike in London can give you.




25 January 2017

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2 February 2017

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