23 June 2017

QWIC electric bikes – awards and reviews

There are a lot of great reviews of QWIC e-bikes but they are unlikely to show up in your searches as they are in Dutch and German – QWIC is most successful in the big continental European cycling countries, picking up awards there as well.

Here are some excerpts from reviews. There are links to the original where available. If you view the pages using the Chrome browser you get the option to automatically translate the text into English.

De Telegraaf – Dutch national newspaper

The Telegraaf holds an annual e-bike test and the QWIC N7.1 won best electric bike 2017 in the €2,250 category. “Good stable bike with a powerful motor. Due to the solid handling, stable frame and assistance which is especially good for a front wheel drive, it is the winner in the category up to € 2250“. This is the second year running the N7.1 has won.

http://elektrischefietstest.nl – Dutch “ElectricBikeTest.nl” website

QWIC’s Compact FN7 gets best folding bike 2017 with a score of 77% in the site’s review. “The Compact FN7 has its own brand front wheel motor with rotation sensor. Support is very smooth under all circumstances. Cycling feels safe and secure and the riding position is good. The e-bike has a highly rigid frame. It’s doesn’t have the highest rated fold, but scores best for ride-ability and that’s what it is about. Therefore, the ‘Overall Winner’ of the AD Electric Bike Test 2017 in the category: E-folding bicycle. AD test panel has Qwic Compact FN7 assessed with a 7.7 final mark.

Plus Magazine – Monthly Dutch consumer magazine

Consumers tested 12 electric bikes to an extended test and chose the QWIC Trend series MN7.2 as the best mid-motor bike of 2016, giving it an overall rating of 8.5. “

The QWIC T-MN7.2 gives an excellent ride and feels extremely reliable. The Bafang mid-engine provides smooth yet powerful support. There are five levels of support, but on a flat road the first position is sufficient.
The engine is extremely quiet and the bike is equipped with a suspension fork with lockout and also a suspension seat post. The finish is excellent and they have remembered the details. The handlebars and seat color is right for this bike. Top bike for a very competitive price! ”


There are plenty more reviews linked on the QWIC.nl website. See all the test winners here.



25 January 2017

Propeller Bikes retail opens

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2 February 2017

Deciphering QWIC e-bike names

They make great electric bikes, but QWIC uses a somewhat baffling naming system. That is until you know how it works and then it all makes perfect sense – it’s the engineering DNA of the company coming out. So here’s the lowdown to help you work out the best bike for your type of riding. Series The letter to…