Douze Cargo Bike

With many cargo bike models on the market the Douze offering stands out for three main reasons. And they are what make it the Propeller Bikes pick:

It’s manoeuvrable – cargo bikes can get quite long and make it hard to negotiate tight spaces. Douze has developed a unique cable steering mechanism that makes u-turns, etc, easy. The front wheel turns 75 degrees and the steering feels great at all speeds.

It’s a bike in two parts – there is a quick release that allows the bike to be split into two parts, which makes it easy to store or transport the bike in a van or car. It also means that one back end can be used with different cargo sections according to needs.

It’s got options – there are three sizes of cargo area, two types of electric drive (both with high capacity batteries as standard) and many other options to configure the bike so that it fits the job perfectly.

The different prices shown here are for the different motor types. Further customisation is possible as can be seen on the configurator on the Douze website. We will go through these options with you prior to purchase.

Prices are based on an exchange rate of €1.10 to £1. The actual sterling price will be calculated when an order is placed.