31 August 2018

Hills – e-bikes’ biggest advantage

Electric bikes make any journey quicker and easier, but nowhere is this more true than when the road ramps up.

You may be reading this wondering if an e-bike is really worth it as you’re pretty fit. But say you commute to work by bike and have a hill to negotiate during the journey – it’s not so much that you can’t ride up it, but that it’s a slow slog and one that you’d rather not be doing in your work clothes.

Switching to an e-bike can make hills feel pretty much flat, particularly if you get one with a hight torque motor. Your speed will only drop slightly and you don’t end up hot and sticky at the top. The e-bike advantage is clearest alongside (and passing) regular bikes so I joined commuters on the ride home from work up the A1 from Archway in this video, riding a QWIC RD9.2.



25 January 2017

Propeller Bikes retail opens

New website, new venture. It could be risky starting a new blog with a prediction, though 2017 does look like it could be the year when electric bikes really take off in the UK – the tea leaves are aligning. So to build on our track record in the commercial sector and better show Londoners…

2 February 2017

Deciphering QWIC e-bike names

They make great electric bikes, but QWIC uses a somewhat baffling naming system. That is until you know how it works and then it all makes perfect sense – it’s the engineering DNA of the company coming out. So here’s the lowdown to help you work out the best bike for your type of riding. Series The letter to…