21 March 2017

What drives QWIC Electric Bikes

An engineer working in the QWIC Electric Bikes workshop

QWIC is a relatively new name in the UK but not in continental Europe, where their bikes are hugely popular. Here’s some background on the company.

Dutch manufacturer QWIC Electric Bikes aims to raise the standards of electric bikes to the level where people see them as a serious alternative to the car. “We dream of towns without cars,” says co-founder Taco. Since the company launch in 2006, QWIC has focused on urban travel, and commuters in particular. In towns and cities half of car journeys are under 7km and more than 80% under 20km. The company realises it has to entice people out of their cars with great technology and design – for example it was the first manufacturer to put a USB charging port on its bikes.

And it’s working: in the most developed European e-bike markets of Germany, Holland and Belgium, QWIC electric bikes are sold at 350 retail outlets. The growth is continuing – QWIC has doubled the number of e-bikes produced for 2017 compared to 2016, but even so there is still a 3-month waiting list on certain models.

Woman standing with a QWIC T-MN7.2 electric bike in Amsterdam


In 2016 QWIC e-bikes won four first places in Dutch tests – two for the T-MN7.2 and two for the N7.1 – plus a very highly rated from a German magazine in 2016 for the P-MN360. These add to the other 7 awards in previous years, including winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2014.

The kind of design and build quality that wins awards and gets such good market share is pretty clear when you see the bikes in person and ride them, which is why we recommend going for a test drive. Book yours here and experience it for yourself.




25 January 2017

Propeller Bikes retail opens

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2 February 2017

Deciphering QWIC e-bike names

They make great electric bikes, but QWIC uses a somewhat baffling naming system. That is until you know how it works and then it all makes perfect sense – it’s the engineering DNA of the company coming out. So here’s the lowdown to help you work out the best bike for your type of riding. Series The letter to…