23 June 2017

QWIC electric bikes – awards and reviews

There are a lot of great reviews of QWIC e-bikes but they are unlikely to show up in your searches as they are in Dutch and German – QWIC is most successful in the big continental European cycling countries, picking up awards there as well. Here are some excerpts from reviews. There are links to the…

23 May 2017

Travelling by train with the Gocycle G3 electric bike

Reviewers of the Gocycle G3 can’t agree on whether the e-bike is foldable, collapsable or demountable. But they do tend to talk about it being stowable, as in easy to tuck away on a boat or in a car, rather than portable, as in easy to take with you on a journey. So in another…

NSL parking officers riding electric bikes

8 May 2017

Kensington & Chelsea traffic wardens rate their QWIC electric bikes

The London borough is leading the way in the fight against air pollution by showing how e-bikes can be incorporated into commercial fleets. And the benefits aren’t just green, as our interview with the council’s service provider shows…   What are the benefits of switching to electric bikes for parking enforcement? With us it’s obviously the cost,…

Man riding a Gocycle G3 through London

31 March 2017

Spring sales on QWIC and Gocycle electric bikes

Great sale offers on QWIC and Gocycle electric bikes as spring brings easy riding QWIC has dropped the price on its two best selling e-bike models: the super popular FN7.1 (the sale price of £1,595 saving you £400) and the compact folder C-FN7 (the same sale price of £1,595 saving you £300). Both are superbly built bikes and way better…

An engineer working in the QWIC Electric Bikes workshop

21 March 2017

What drives QWIC Electric Bikes

QWIC is a relatively new name in the UK but not in continental Europe, where their bikes are hugely popular. Here’s some background on the company. Dutch manufacturer QWIC Electric Bikes aims to raise the standards of electric bikes to the level where people see them as a serious alternative to the car. “We dream of towns without…